Trump’s Demands for a Deal on ‘Dreamers’

Trump’s Demands for a Deal on ‘Dreamers’


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Originally published by The New York Times

To the Editor:

Re “President Issues Terms of a Deal Over ‘Dreamers’ ” (front page, Oct. 9):

As time passes and the six-month deadline for congressional action to protect Dreamers like me gets nearer, the sense of urgency seems to be deteriorating. I was one of the first persons to have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals granted. I played by the rules. I worked hard to get into college and even harder to make it through college. I am months away from graduating from the University of California, Berkeley. I have a clean record. I’ve repeatedly been admitted to prestigious internships, I have several mentors and whether I’d succeed was never in question.

The conditions that President Trump has set for a bipartisan deal to protect the DACA recipients dim the chance of a deal, but I urge Democrats and Republicans not to politicize the lives of hundreds of thousands of people like me. Pass something.

I and other Dreamers belong in this country. I spent only the first year of my life in Mexico, but because I was born there, this government fails to see me as American. Whether some like it or not, immigrants continue to shape and be a part of America. It is time that we stop dehumanizing fellow Americans.


To the Editor:

President Trump’s latest anti-immigrant demand — that any legislation to protect Dreamers include a crackdown on unaccompanied children, concentrated at the border — is illogical and inhumane.

First, deporting children would not deter other child migrants, as some hard-liners suggest. It is Central America’s horrific gang violence, not American immigration policy, that prompts parents to make the heart-wrenching decision to send their children on the perilous journey north.

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Second, border apprehensions, including of minors, have dramatically declined under Mr. Trump, which he attributes to his rhetoric. Instead, he should be thanking Mexico. Since 2014, when record numbers of unaccompanied children arrived at our border, Mexico has substantially increased apprehensions at its own southern border as well as resettlement of migrants in Mexico.

Meanwhile, in the United States, unaccompanied children have settled with family members or in foster homes. They await immigration hearings at nearby courts, whose backlogs grow ever longer since Mr. Trump dispatched many of their judges to the border.


To the Editor:

No mother sends her child alone on a treacherous journey unless she fears that the violence at home is more dangerous than the trek. Most children fleeing Central America and other countries are not coming to the United States to seek fame and fortune. They are running for their lives.

However, our current administration, which includes so many born with silver spoons in their mouths, does not understand this. Any child who escapes violence at home and comes to this country has more resilience and strength than most of our policy makers, who lack basic compassion and comprehension of a world other than their own. This is more than disheartening. It is cruel, mean and unjust.


To the Editor:

It is both patently unfair and flat-out vindictive to turn the Dreamers, who are innocent of any wrongdoing, into pawns for President Trump’s venomous agenda. When will our Republican senators and representatives locate their spines, repudiate Mr. Trump’s hate-filled demands, and simply pass legislation to reinstate and regularize the original Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program?


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