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Fixing our democracy is key to immigration reform

The first step is for the Supreme Court to make things right for these young would-be citizens. But the court can only provide a temporary remedy. The second step is for Congress to pass a permanent solution and provide DACA recipients and their families a pathway to citizenship. Reforming our democracy is the long-term solution we need to ensure that everyone is represented in government and can play a role shaping our great country. Continue reading


Leaked Stephen Miller emails show Trump’s point man on immigration promoted white nationalism, SPLC reports

Originally published by The Washington Post In the lead-up to the 2016 election, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller sought to promote white nationalism, far-right extremist ideas and anti-immigrant rhetoric through the conservative website Breitbart, a report released Tuesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center claims. The report is the first installment in a series that draws … Continue reading