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ICE Can’t Be Trusted to Care for Detainees During Hurricanes

Just days after the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Irma’s landfall in the Florida Keys, Hurricane Florence has left more than one million homes without electricity and caused catastrophic flooding across the Carolinas. If we can learn anything from Hurricane Irma in Florida, it is the need to pay close attention to how detained immigrants are treated before, during, and after such disasters. Continue reading


America’s Best-Documented Undocumented Immigrant Just Published His Memoir

When Jose Antonio Vargas came out as undocumented in the pages of the New York Times seven years ago, he had no idea what would happen next. Before he published that essay, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant,” Vargas was best known as a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter. He’d achieved the career he had been working toward ever since he was a teenager, all while keeping his immigration status carefully hidden. Continue reading


Trump Has It Backward: Many Migrants Are Victims of Crime

In Reynosa, Josue was gearing up to try to make the hike from the border to Houston. Along with hundreds of thousands of other Central American migrants taking these same routes and escaping violence at home or in transit, he was confident that the journey would be worth it. The hope of a better and safer life in the United States was stronger than the fear of any dangers along the way. Continue reading