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Reuniting families isn’t enough: A case for holistic immigration reform

Sessions’ exegesis of St. Paul’s instructions to the Romans to submit to governing authorities — essentially, “the law is the law and should be obeyed and enforced, no exceptions” — fails to account for biblical examples ...

Trump’s biggest mistake on immigration: his belief that something so complex can be “fixed”

Every workable immigration policy from the 1986 amnesty to Obama’s DACA plan has had one thing in common: They were attempts to adapt policy to the reality of migration. ...

The Immigration Debate We Must Not Lose

he debate over U.S. immigration policy is a very personal one for me. It’s about my family’s history and the hardships they faced coming to America. It is also about who we are and who we aspire to be as an American peop ...

Florida GOP Lawmaker Ratchets Up Pressure to Fix DACA

Rep. Carlos Curbelo joined many Democratic lawmakers in that stance, even though he has been denied a seat by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. The caucus membership is entirely Democratic. ...


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