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Trump visits border barrier in push of immigration message amid pandemic and civil unrest

“This is a public health issue. It’s not about young or old, it’s not about being Republican or Democrat,” said Jagruti Patel, a critical-care pulmonologist at HonorHealth in Phoenix who says her hospital’s intensive car ...

Trump Faces Election Risks in Looming Supreme Court Ruling on ‘Dreamers’

"I think the downside for him is probably fairly manageable," Texas-based Republican consultant Matt Mackowiak said. "I don't see DACA as an issue that affects Hispanics. DACA is an issue that affects DACA recipients." ...

With Naturalizations On Hold, Potential New Voters Sit On Sidelines

"We have no idea how they are going to start structuring and scheduling them for the rest of the year," said Benifield, who hopes government officials come up with a plan soon that allows immigrants to become citizens sa ...

With citizenship ceremonies postponed, hundreds of thousands could miss chance to vote in November

Hispanic immigrants accounted for 34 percent of all foreign-born eligible voters in 2018, according to the study, while Asian immigrants represent 31 percent of immigrant voters. Both groups tend to favor Democrats, and ...


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