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Trump is still looking for a DACA deal

The president's offer comes after the Supreme Court rejected his attempt to end the Obama-era program protecting Dreamers. ...

Trump Has Obliterated Immigration Law—and Congress Let Him Get Away With It

Congress is supposed to make laws, right? But there’s a section of immigration law that lets the president do whatever he wants. And Trump has. ...

Letters to the Editor: Immigrant children living in fear is a disgrace. So is Congress’ failure to help

It should be made more plain that it’s the Democrats in Congress who are fighting to save the U.S. Postal Service and fending off cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Democrats are no saints, but there is a di ...

Remain in Mexico program faces growing scrutiny in the House and Senate

Several members from the Congressional Black Caucus plan to attend the hearing in San Ysidro. They cited a San Diego Union-Tribune report on the death of a Cameroonian migrant in ICE custody as part of the reason for the ...


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