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The Five-Year-Old Who Was Detained at the Border and Persuaded to Sign Away Her Rights

Helen—a smart, cheerful five-year-old girl—is an asylum seeker from Honduras. This summer, when a social worker asked her to identify her strengths, Helen shared her pride in “her ability to learn fast and express her fe ...

Trump is separating an unknown number of families at the border for “fraud”

The Trump administration has separated more families at the US-Mexico border than it’s previously admitted — including untold numbers that were never officially counted as “separations” because Border Patrol agents claim ...

Trump Split Up Many More Migrant Families Than Previously Thought, New Report Finds

Drawing on data from the past two years, Amnesty also reports that the Trump administration separated an additional 1,800 family units before April. In total, it concludes that approximately 8,000 family units have been ...

‘What if I lose her forever?’ In Guatemala, a couple fears for their child still in detention in U.S.

His wife, more agitated than relieved, was waiting for him outside the Guatemalan air force base here. Chartered planes packed with deportees from the United States arrive with regularity. ...


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