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On the Border, a Discouraging New Message for Asylum Seekers: Wait

In their monthlong odyssey taking them from violence-plagued El Salvador to the streets of this Mexican outpost on the Arizona border, the dream of finding protection in the United States somehow kept Carolina Cortez and ...

Caught in limbo, Central American asylum-seekers are left waiting on a bridge over the Rio Grande

Regulars still cross daily, but lately they have encountered something new and disturbing. ...

They Came Here Seeking Freedom and Were Imprisoned Instead. Look at Their Faces.

They’ve been forced to endure physical, mental, and emotional abuse. ...

Sessions eliminates right to hearing for certain asylum seekers

originally published by Axios This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed a decision that gave asylum-seekers and applicants for withholding of removal a right to a full hearing even after deemed ineligible for ...


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