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Trump policy and coronavirus leave agency bankrupt, tens of thousands of potential voters in limbo

She’ll tell them: Her long wait is over. She’s an American now. ...

Trump embraces immigration court fight as election boost

“I think he can go further and he must go further to actually solve these problems,” Franco said. She said that federal agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement “really parallel what we’re seeing in local pol ...

Trump Administration Faces Bipartisan Calls to End Citizenship Delays

Lawmakers from both parties are urging the Trump administration to conduct the oath remotely to make up for a pause in naturalization ceremonies during the health crisis. ...

Editorial: Trump’s latest efforts to sabotage asylum should remind you why he has to go

The proper fix here is comprehensive immigration reform. That Congress — well before Trump — has failed to enact such reform is a testament to its general dysfunction. Trump has, incongruously enough, displayed how badly ...


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