Reuniting Families: How Chaos Could Have Been Avoided

Reuniting Families: How Chaos Could Have Been Avoided


Originally published by The NY Times

Re “Judge Chides Administration as It Asks for More Time to Reunite Families” (news article, July 15):

If Donald Trump and his minions had even a sliver of thought of reuniting families separated at the border, they could have employed a very simple procedure. They could have prepared tags to hang around the necks of each family member with their dates of birth, names and origins. Adult tags would be one color and children’s another. Each family would be assigned an ID number. Embedded chips could allow them to be traced.

From that point on, the authorities would know at every moment where each and every family member was located. Instead of the current logistical nightmare, family reuniting efforts would be relatively easy.

Except for certain maximum-security prisons, every jail in this country is open to visitors, including the press. Has the White House classified these children as violent offenders? If not, why have some reporters and lawmakers been denied access? And worse, why does none of this surprise us?


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