Press Release - UnitedWeStay Launches its Latest Website for Undocumented Americans

Press Release – UnitedWeStay Launches its Latest Website for Undocumented Americans

UWS 2017 Launch Press Release ENGLISH

Los Angeles, CA —, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization, is launching its newest website dedicated to recognizing the human rights of Undocumented Americans and to bringing about just immigration reform.

With two years of continuous commitment, UWS has become the only dedicated immigrant advocacy news and storytelling organization that’s keeping the public informed about immigration issues on a daily basis.

Since 2015, UWS has provided a welcoming platform for the Undocumented to tell their stories and to find the latest immigration news and most credible resources. Already home to an archive of more than 2000 news articles and personal immigrant stories, UWS is uniquely positioned to be a beacon of hope for the 11 million now facing mass deportation and a one-of-a- kind research tool for all those trying to understand the tumultuous immigration story that has dominated the news for so long – news that too often denies the humanity, the struggles and the contributions of the immigrant community.

“Our initial goal was to publish as many of the 11-million Undocumented stories as possible,” says UWS founder and publisher Marcelino Jose. “We were determined to put a human face on the statistics and to bring rational debate to the heated, hateful rhetoric. It was also important to aggregate accurate news and to publish thoughtful, fact-based opinion.”

Marcelino Jose speaks about UWS being a labor of love. “All of us at UWS have a very personal stake in the immigration issue. We are ourselves Dreamers, immigrants, first-generation Americans and human-rights activists. We believe that justice will prevail if enough of us persist.

UWS operates on the premise that we are all immigrants or know someone who is and that when immigrant rights are threatened, the core principles are our democracy are endangered. UnitedWeStay’s mission is to make sure the oppressed are heard and the truth is told.

UnitedWeStay Is Action Oriented – helping to build and grow our movement by putting together enough stories, know-how and actual resources to allow immigrants to do more than dream -- to stay without fear -- to add their story to the unique American saga. To volunteer, share a story, publicize an event or donate, please visit




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