Our immigration policy makes monsters of Americans

Our immigration policy makes monsters of Americans


Originally published by The Washington Post

Regarding the May 30 front-page article “Separated migrant children fill shelters”:

My great-grandparents brought my grandparents to the United States. It is at the heart of our family story and our love of country. We never have forgotten and always have been grateful. We have tried to make good on the chance America gave us. We have tried to be good citizens.

The United States’ current “zero tolerance” immigration policy, by which we are separating parents from their children as punishment, is cruel and counterproductive. We are breaking people’s hearts, in the worst way we know, as punishment for believing the best of America.

Many of our policies hurt children and break families. Sometimes the potential for harm is inadvertent; sometimes it is willfully ignored. The harm we are doing by tearing families apart, on the border and down the block, is intrinsic and intentional. No good can come of it.

When other arguments against slavery fell on deaf ears and stone hearts, abolitionists pointed to how the “peculiar institution” harmed the souls of slave owners themselves. By instituting our current immigration policy, we are hurting other people through how we portray and treat them, and in the process we are making monsters of ourselves and the American Dream into a nightmare.

Annlinn Kruger, Bar Harbor, Maine

Read more:https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/our-immigration-policy-makes-monsters-of-americans/2018/06/01/ce05f818-64ef-11e8-81ca-bb14593acaa6_story.html?utm_term=.f45b376255a3


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