It’s important to clarify two issues in the March 7 front-page article “At the border, Biden handles surge without constraining it.”

First is whether Title 42 — the order then-President Donald Trump used to shut down the southern border and expel people to Mexico — is appropriate policy. It is not. It used public health as pretext to reach that administration’s anti-immigration goals. The Post editorialized that it “weaponized a public health crisis.” Public health experts called it “xenophobic, cruel, and unlawful” and demanded it be rescinded. Human Rights First is one of more than 100 faith-based, legal services, humanitarian and human rights organizations calling for an end to its misuse.

Second, the article suggested that President Biden is sparking a dangerous crisis at the border. People don’t upend their lives and trek to the United States based on our border enforcement policies; they decide to flee danger and destitution because they have few other choices. And recent studies prove immigrants’ contributions to U.S. culture and the economy once they settle here. Should immigration levels rise as we institute humane solutions policies, we all benefit.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was quoted in the story saying the administration will treat minor migrants “with humanity and respect.” We will hold them to that as they reconstitute our immigration system.

Jim Bernfield, New York

The writer is a senior vice president for Human Rights First.