Mexican president says migrants shouldn't think 'doors are open' under Biden

Mexican president says migrants shouldn’t think ‘doors are open’ under Biden

Originally Published in The Hill

Rebecca Beitsch - February 11, 2021

Mexican president says migrants shouldn't think 'doors are open' under Biden
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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned Thursday that migrants should not expect easy entry to the U.S. following President Biden’s executive orders on immigration, urging them not to be deceived by traffickers.

“Now, for example, that there is a U.S. immigration policy to regularize the situation of migrants, Mexicans and our Central American brothers, people think that now the doors are open, that President Biden is going to immediately regularize all migrants,” López Obrador said.

“It is not true that everyone can go now to the United States and they will be regularized, that has not been defined yet,” he said. “Our brother migrants should have this information so that they won’t be deceived by human traffickers, who paint a rosy picture.”

The Biden administration over the weekend terminated asylum agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that were put into place under the Trump administration, calling it “the first concrete steps on the path to greater partnership and collaboration in the region.”

But while it has ordered a review of the “remain in Mexico” policy put in place by former President Trump, it has not yet replaced it, meaning that migrants at the southern border are still required to apply for asylum within Mexico, regardless of their country of origin.


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