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UNITED WE STAY and designmatters at ARTCENTER college OF DESIGN partner to DISPROVE Myths about Immigration through student art Pop-up

Six Myth-Busting Posters and an Undocumented-American Bill of Rights Serve as a Call to Action                         for Millennials and Gen Zeros of all Shades

WHAT:            United We Stay, a nonprofit focused on immigrant rights advocacy, and DesignMatters at ArtCenter College of Design, the social innovation department of the College, have partnered to clarify the most common misconceptions of immigration to the U.S. through a pop-up using art created by its students.

Six students enrolled in the Designmatters/Illustration course Smart Image Social Impact were asked to create posters to dispel immigration myths through illustrations and graphic arts. The timely display will debunk six common misconceptions which include Myth 1: They’re Changing Our America; Myth 2: They’re Taking Our Jobs; Myth 3: They’re All Criminals, Myth 4: They’re Draining Our Social Services Programs; Myth 5: They Don’t Want To Fit In; and Myth 6: They Won’t Get In Line.

At the art pop-up, students will discuss their approach to each immigration myth.

This event is timely considering the current immigration climate in the U.S. and the need to inform the public on the many economic and social contributions immigrants make. is a nonprofit organization focused on immigrant rights advocacy, responsible news coverage, and storytelling via the written word. United We Stay also features an Undocumented-American Bill of Rights to serve as a neutral point of departure for pro-immigration stakeholders and policymakers at any level of government. For three years, the organization has been the only daily aggregator of immigration news and human-interest stories shared daily with thousands of followers and dozens of journalists around the country.

WHO:                          Marcelino Jose Miyares, Founder & Publisher, United We Stay

                                                      ArtCenter College of Design Students


WHEN:   Tuesday, December 11, 2018

9:00am – 9:30am – Program presentation

               9:30 am to noon- Art pop-up open to public


WHERE:     Civic Center Studios

207 S. Broadway, Suite 1, Los Angeles, CA 90012


VISUALS:     -Poster Art

-The Undocumented American Bill of Rights

- Students discussing the art and Immigration Myths


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