Latinx Files: The cruelty of Biden’s immigration policy

Latinx Files: The cruelty of Biden’s immigration policy

Originally Published in the Los Angeles Times

Fidel Martinez - April 29, 2021

Asylum seekers detained by Border Patrol

Asylum seekers detained by Border Patrol wait for more than 12 hours, without food or water, to be bused to Border Patrol facilities where they will be processed. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

President Biden promised to bring “human dignity” to the U.S. immigration system. But his administration’s continued use of a Trump-era policy has cast doubt on that stated goal.

Back in March 2020, Trump invoked Title 42, an obscure public health statute from 1944 that allows the president to deny entry into the United States to foreign nationals who might spread a communicable disease. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic gave Trump an excuse to shut down the border and have immigrants caught trying to enter the U.S. without authorization expelled quickly into Mexico. The Biden administration has kept that immigration enforcement tool in place in an effort to stem criticism from political opponents who see a growing crisis at the border.

But as my colleague Molly O’Toole reports, Title 42 has become “a gold rush for human smugglers.” She spoke with several Central American asylum seekers who were kidnapped after being removed to Mexico, and with their families, who were extorted.

Among them is Karen Cruz Caceres, a single mother from Honduras who was just granted asylum. Her pregnant sister Tani wasn’t as lucky. She and her 4-year-old son were abducted in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and the kidnappers wanted more than $20,000 in ransom.

“My sister and my nephew were told they were going to kill them and feed them to the dogs,” Cruz Caceres told The Times.

“If [U.S. officials] want to deport them back to their country, why don’t they do it now like prior presidents did? Why dump them to try their luck in the most dangerous cities in Mexico, to get abducted by kidnappers?”

The logic behind Biden keeping Title 42 in place is that he needs to look tough on border enforcement now so that he can pass meaningful immigration reform later. I’ve written in the past about how claims of a crisis at the border have been used to derail a change from the status quo.

Given the president’s statements on the subject during a speech to a joint session of Congress last night, the reality of how tough it will be to pass his preferred legislation appears to be dawning on him. “If Congress won’t pass my plan, let’s at least pass what we agree on,” he said, signaling a move toward a more piecemeal approach to policy rather than an all-or-nothing one.

And if that’s really the case, if Biden is already conceding ground before the fight even starts, then that makes Title 42 an unnecessary evil. There’s little moral difference between using Title 42 to implement a nationalist immigration agenda and doing it as a means to a different political end, especially when the road to real immigration reform looks perilous.

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