Immigration firm seems to thrive after Trump lawyer’s help

Immigration firm seems to thrive after Trump lawyer’s help


Originally published by The Washington Post

Some companies regret turning to Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen for help, but a Florida immigration firm appears to have gotten nearly everything it wanted.

When Nicholas Mastroianni II hooked up with Cohen last year, his business was threatened by a looming crackdown on a federal program offering foreigners visas if they invest in certain U.S. real estate projects. Cohen connected Mastroianni with a lobbying firm and, hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments later, Mastroianni appears to be in the clear.

Efforts to scale back the visa program collapsed, and Mastroianni’s company — U.S. Immigration Fund — looks set to pocket tens of millions of dollars in fees for a string of ongoing projects.

Mastroianni has raised $3 billion under the so-called EB-5 visa program since 2010.

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