Immigration Compromise Is Doomed Once Again

Immigration Compromise Is Doomed Once Again


Originally published by Mother Jones

From the New York Times, on an attempt by rogue Republicans in the House to force a discharge petition on immigration legislation:

Mr. Ryan desperately wanted to avoid bringing those bipartisan measures to the floor.

Can you imagine? How dare anyone threaten Paul Ryan with the prospect of holding a vote on a pair of widely-supported bipartisan immigration bills? Will the gall of these RINO traitors never end?

Anyway, the upshot is that the attempt by the rebels to force a vote on these popular bills—which are also popular with the public—has been put to rest. Instead, we’ll get a vote on a conservative bill that will go down in flames and a moderate bill that will probably get so freighted down with compromise and minutiae that it will fail too. And that will be that. Immigration will live on to provide Republicans with plenty of fearmongering opportunities in the upcoming midterms. And that’s what matters, right?

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