Guatemalan Asylum Seeker Sues Trump Administration Because It Still Won’t Tell Her Where Her Son Is Days After Her Release

Guatemalan Asylum Seeker Sues Trump Administration Because It Still Won’t Tell Her Where Her Son Is Days After Her Release


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There are court cases working their way through the legal system challenging the legality of Trump administration’s child separation policy at the border, but a lawsuit filed by a Guatemalan asylum seeker in federal court Tuesday shows how maliciously inept the functioning of the White House’s border policy is. Beata Mariana de Jesus Mejia-Mejia is suingthe government for taking her 7-year-old son from her days after they arrived in the U.S. seeking asylum on or around May 19th. Since then she has not seen her son and doesn’t know where he is, even though she was released from custody on bond on June 15th.

“Ms. M. brings this action to have the government reunite her with her young child, D.M., from whom she has been separated now for more nearly one month. Ms. M. was released on bond after seeking asylum, but her son remains in custody and Ms. M. does not even know where her son is,” the suit reads. From the suit:

Ms. M. and her son crossed the U.S. border near San Luis, Arizona on approximately May 19, 2018… Ms. M. and her son D.M. were placed in a holding cell by border agents. Approximately two days later, in the middle of May, immigration officials forcibly separated 7-year-old D.M. from his mother. Men dressed in green uniforms (border agents) told Ms. M. they needed to take her son and would not tell her why. Ms. M. said “no” and demanded an explanation, but they would not tell her why they needed to take her seven-year-old son, and they took him anyway… When D.M. was taken away from his mother, he was screaming and crying and did not want to be taken away from his mother. That was the last time Ms. M. saw her son.

Ms. M. was subsequently transferred to Eloy Detention Center. At Eloy, she spoke to an officer who was able to find out that her son was in Phoenix, AZ, but could not give her any more information. Ms. M. has not been given any paperwork to indicate where her son is or what his status or health condition is.

De Jesus Mejia-Mejia is demanding the release of her son, an order prohibiting the future separation of the mother-and-son, along with damages.

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