Granny caravan goes after Trump’s family separation policy, hundreds travel to U.S.-Mexico border

Granny caravan goes after Trump’s family separation policy, hundreds travel to U.S.-Mexico border

Originally published by Salon

Hundreds of grannies are putting their bodies on the line and their lives on hold, as they embark on a six-day journey to the U.S.-Mexico border to protest the Trump administration's treatment of migrating children and families.

The group, Grannies Respond, was launched several weeks ago in Beacon, New York in the wake of recent news reports of children being ripped away from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border and sent to detention centers. The growing group quickly organized on social media and launched a massive road-trip that includes "some real grannies, some senior citizens who don't have children and then young people who are on the periphery," member Claire Nelson, 66, told Salon. The oldest traveler is 74-years-old.

Nelson, who is now retired, previously worked as a special education coordinator for pre-school aged children. She said that Granny Ride is an extension of her previous work of "advocating for children and their rights."

"When I read about what is happening with children being separated from their families and put out to detention centers it really disturbed me," she said. "I was very upset by that, knowing not only that everyone is scared coming here but also the effect that this would have on children, being separated from their caregivers for such a long time, not only emotionally but also intellectually."

She will be traveling to the border with her husband, Barry, who is 70 years old. They have five grandchildren.

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