Dreamers: It's not politics. It's not policy. It's personal.

Dreamers: It’s not politics. It’s not policy. It’s personal.

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A mom. A med student. A police officer in training. For them, the Trump administration's decision to rescind DACA is not about politics. It's not about policy. It's personal.


The three, and thousands like them, are undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, a group often described as Dreamers.
And when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday the administration was pulling the plug on the policy, we asked these DACA recipients and their loved ones to share with us the impact it will have on them.
Hundreds responded via phone calls, text messages and video posts.
Watch some of the videos we received above, and read some of the messages sent to CNN in the section below.
Some of the messages have been edited for clarity.

A mom

DACA is the only chance that I could be able to take care of my daughter without fear, without thinking that anytime they'll kick me out and take my daughter away from me since she was born here. It's scary !

Thaisi, Massachusetts

A veteran

My fiancé is from the Dominican Republic. She came here when she was two illegally. We have been together for 7 years. Now we are debating should we rush and get married? Have a baby? We have so many plans. I fought in the military for 6 years. I've given the best years of my life for this country, now they want to take the best thing in my life away? We are talking to an immigration lawyer today to decide what to do. Marriage will probably be what we'll have to do. But there goes her dreams of a wedding, dancing with her father etc. City Hall is not where I dreamed I would say "I do" to the woman I love. But we'll do what we have to.

Andrew Rothman, New York

A future police officer

The ending of DACA closes the doors to a better life for me. I am currently enrolled in the police academy and also working on getting my bachelor's next. The ending of DACA will basically crush the goals I one day strived for. All my hard work of being a full time student/employee will go to waste. I hoped one day I could be in uniform serving because I love this country. This country is all I know.

Adolfo, California

Fleeing war

There are Dreamers like myself from Africa that came here as a child running from a civil war in Sierra Leone to come here and better my life. All I want you to tell President Trump is that Dreamers like myself mean no harm and we are not here to hurt anyone. We came here as children and we are just as American as any other person in this country. I would die for this country and I would fight to protect it because America is all I know and live in. I don't know my country of birth nor have I ever experienced living there.

Foday Turay, Maryland

A cousin

DACA doesn't affect me directly, but it affects my little cousins. They came to this country as babies, both only a few months old. They're in high school now. They just got their first jobs, which for a teenager is a big deal, and helps them learn independence and the value of a dollar. This country is all they've ever known. One is about to enter college next year and she wants to become a doctor. By taking DACA away, it's crushing and taking away the dreams of young children all across America. Their families will have to live in fear that they may get deported at any given time. Children should not be punished for the faults of their parents.

Bridget, New York

A 'normal citizen'

DACA made me feel [like a] normal citizen. It made me feel like a contributor to society. Finally after living here for practically my whole life, even though officially I was not. I have a bank account, driver's license and Social Security card because of DACA and now I do not know what to do since Trump took it away. I'm just going to keep my head high I guess.

Mohammed, New York

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