Thousands of immigrants with “protected status” face possible deportation

Cortez has plenty of reason to worry.  In a matter of months, the Trump Administration could turn this entrepreneur and dad and hundreds of thousands of others into instant undocumented immigrants, no longer allowed to live and work here legally. With the stroke of a pen, the Department of Homeland Security could either end—or extend—a quasi-legal state known as Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, that Cortez and 263,280 other Salvadorans already in the United States were granted way back in 2001. But no one knows quite what’s going to happen next. Continue reading

Jeff Sessions’ Latest Attack on Sanctuary Cities Is Probably Illegal
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Jeff Sessions’ Latest Attack on Sanctuary Cities Is Probably Illegal

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced a new policy depriving “sanctuary cities” of federal funds unless they comply with the administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants. The policy creates new criteria for Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grants, which provides hundreds of millions of dollars to state and local law enforcement. Under the new guidelines, cities and state will not be eligible for these grants unless they:

notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials at least 48 hours before incarcerated undocumented immigrants are set to be released, if ICE has expressed interest in detaining them
allow ICE agents to access local jails
abide by a federal law that stipulates that local jurisdictions can’t prohibit their employees from sharing information about immigration status with the federal government Continue reading