Daily Archives: November 19, 2020

Inside the Lives of Immigrant Teens Working Dangerous Night Shifts in Suburban Factories

Originally Published in Mother Jones Melissa Sanchez - November 19, 2020 During the day, they attend high school. At night, they work to pay debts to smugglers and send money to family. This ar ...

White House killed deal to pay for mental health care for migrant families separated at border

Originally Published in NBC News Jacob Soboroff, Julia Ainsley and Geoff Bennett - November 19, 2020 WASHINGTON — The Trump White House blocked the Justice Department from making a deal in October 2019 to pay for ...

Judge criticizes Trump administration for delaying work permits for immigrants, firing senior DHS official

Originally Published in The Washington Post Maria Sacchetti - November 18, 2020 A federal judge accused the Trump administration of “running out the clock” on the president’s four-year term to a ...

Judge stops Trump policy of ‘expelling’ child migrants, questioning legality of border controls linked to covid crisis

Originally Published in The Washington Post Nick Miroff - November 18, 2020 A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the Trump administration to halt its practice of “expelling” underage migrants who enter the Unit ...


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