Daily Archives: June 30, 2020

Drive-Up US Citizenship Eases Backlog, but New Threat Looms

Rosenberger is leaning the other way, saying she is generally conservative and would most likely support Trump. “Now that I’m a citizen I’m very excited about voting," she said. “You have the right now, so use it.” ...

A Dreamer hero whose life story tells us a lot

As a pandemic threatens our public health and economy in unimaginable ways, these Dreamers have stepped up in our time of great need. It's about time we did the same for them. ...

Five DACA Recipients on What’s Next

On the court’s decision: I’m obviously happy with the outcome, it is a win for our community, but we also know that it is temporary. As we have seen these last few years, and immediately following the decision, the attac ...

Afghan Interpreter Who Saved U.S. Troops Gets American Citizenship

And then he headed off to work. He said his company has remained open during the Covid pandemic, and he hasn't missed a day of work. ...


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