Trump Insists that U.S. “Is Full” as Part of New Push Against Migrants

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President Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News that was aired Saturday in which he made clear what his new message is for those who are seeking to migrate to the United States through the southern border: there’s no more space. “The country is full, our system is full. We can’t do it anymore,” Trump told Fox News’ Griff Jenkins when he asked whether the arrival of undocumented immigrants meant there was a second generation of people who could benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Trump characterized migration into the United States as being at record high levels. “There’s never been so many people coming up and that’s because they’re gaming the system and the system is changed for the worse because of what happened with Democrats and what they’ve done in terms of Congress,” Trump said.

During the interview, he also questioned those who seek asylum in the United States, saying the system was being abused by gang members who suddenly say they don’t feel safe in their own country. “The asylum is being scammed,” he said. “You have gang members, tough people saying they’re afraid to be in their country. They’re not afraid, and then they’ll come up with flags, holding flags from their country.”

During the interview, Trump doubled down on a message he gave Friday when he traveled to a Calexico for a briefing on immigration. “The system is full. We can’t take you anymore,” Trump said at the event that included law enforcement officials and local leaders. “Our country is full … Turn around.” Trump made it sound like his hands were tied on the issue. “When it’s full, there’s nothing you can do. You have to say, ‘I’m sorry, we can’t take you.’”

The president also took the opportunity to insist that “there is indeed an emergency on our southern border.” Trump said there had been a sharp increase of border crossings. “It’s a colossal surge and it’s overwhelming our immigration system, and we can’t let that happen.”

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