Pipeline of Undocumented Workers for Trump Golf Course Was ‘Open Secret’: WaPo

Originally Published by The Daily Beast.


February 8, 2019

President Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course employed more than a dozen undocumented immigrants from Latin America, including six from just one town in Costa Rica, according to a Friday report from The Washington Post. “For me, moving to the U.S. wasn’t a very drastic change,” one former employee of the Trump National Golf Club told the Post. “My whole town practically lived there.” That employee was referencing Santa Teresa de Cajon, which reportedly became a pipeline for undocumented workers. The workers said they completed menial jobs for much less than what they would have been paid as legal licensed employees, and were intentionally hidden during high-profile events. What’s worse, all 16 of the undocumented employees, who provided pay stubs and other evidence of their time at the course, told the Post that their managers were aware of their illegal status. The Post also obtained a police report from 2011, in which an officer wrote that he told a club manager that one of his employees might be undocumented. 

This isn’t the first time that Trump organizations have been accused of hiring undocumented immigrants: In December, The New York Times profiled a small group of undocumented women who claimed they worked at the New Jersey course. “Many of us helped him get what he has today,” another former employee told the Post. “This golf course was built by illegals.”

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