Daily Archives: November 16, 2018

After a month on the road, hundreds of caravan travelers find they’re unwelcome in Tijuana

“Everywhere in Mexico, people treated us so nicely — they gave us food, water, places to stay,” said Cruz, 38, who was seated beneath a metal sculpture of dolphins in the seaside Playas de Tijuana district. “But here, th ...

Trump’s Pick for ICE Director Appears Set for Confirmation Despite His Role in Family Separation Crisis

Ronald Vitiello’s nomination to lead what is arguably the most controversial federal agency has attracted little attention. ...

Commander Says U.S. Military Does Not View Central American Migrants as ‘Enemies’

"I don't consider them a military enemy, nor does the United States military doing this job. They're simply migrants in a caravan moving towards the United States to seek a better way of life and asylum," Army Captain Gu ...

Network of local immigrant legal defense funds expanding

A network of U.S. cities and counties paying for lawyers to represent immigrants facing deportation in the wake of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown is planning to expand. ...


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