Report: Devin Nunes’ Family Farm Was Secretly Moved to Iowa From California


Originally published by The Daily Beast

The family dairy farm of Rep. Devin Nunes secretly relocated from central California to Iowa more than a decade ago, where it’s reported to rely heavily on undocumented immigrant labor. The California Republican, who’s chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and a close ally of President Trump, has made much of his California farm upbringing and ties to agriculture—but failed to publicly disclose the relocation of the family farm since it happened in 2006. Esquire reports the secrecy could be due to an alleged reliance on undocumented labor at the farm and the region’s dairy industry in general. “I’ve been there and bring illegal people,” an unnamed source told Esquire, asserting that the Nunes family was aware of that status. “People come here and ask for work, so I send them over there.” During the course of researching the article, Anthony Jr. Nunes allegedly said that he was hiring a lawyer and that he was convinced that his dairy would soon be raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Neither Anthony Jr. nor Devin Nunes commented.

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