5 daughters of immigrants describe living ‘Between Two Cultures’


Originally published by The Lily

The daughters of immigrants often straddle two worlds: The one where their parents were born and raised, and the United States, where they built another life. Both places end up shaping who they are.

For our series, “Between Two Cultures,” we spoke to five women who experienced feeling “different” as children growing up in the United States. While some of their stories are similar, their individual experiences speak volumes about what it’s like to exist between two cultures.

Noor Wazwaz

Now, Noor Wazwaz is proud to say she’s Palestinian and Muslim. But when she was a kid, she was “a little embarrassed” because of the way the two groups of people were perceived. Wazwaz was a kid when 9/11 happened. “We weren’t given the chance to mourn and feel sad for our country,” she recalls.

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