Quote of the Day: Trump Denies Killing DACA

Originally published Mother Jones

From Donald Trump, the president of the United States:

Everybody wants to solve the DACA problem. They’ve been wanting to solve it for a long time. It should’ve been solved by President Obama….But they didn’t solve it, he didn’t solve things. And he did something that he didn’t have the right to do. You understand, he did an executive order and that was no good. And by the way, the court — it wasn’t me. The courts were not upholding that executive order.

This is not true. There were no lawsuits over DACA. There were threats of lawsuits, which Trump caved in to, but that’s all. No courts were ever involved. DACA is set to end solely because Donald Trump issued an executive order on September 5.

As usual, the question is: lying or stupid? Take your pick.

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