Why it’s immoral to treat undocumented workers like unwelcome criminals


Los Angeles Times

Originally published by LA Times

To the editor: I believe the United States should control its borders and pass laws to that end. Still, I disagree with a reader who decried Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing of a “sanctuary state” bill. (“How is declaring California a ‘sanctuary state’ different from what Southern states did?” Readers React, Oct. 8)

For decades, we have looked the other way on illegal immigration because so many businesses benefited from it. Now that it is obvious that the federal government no longer wants these immigrants here and is cracking down on them, many are returning home.

Those who came during the “look the other way” period are here because of the fault of our businesses, our government and everyone who benefited from the low wages paid to illegal immigrants in the form of cheaper food. It is immoral for us now to say, “You are a criminal, and you have to go.”

The children of these immigrants know no other home; to send their parents packing is cruel. The great majority of these immigrants are good people who have made our country richer and our lives better.

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