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Yeneth P.

Yaneth P, 26, Hobbs, New Mexico, Born in Mexico

yanethI was only 40 days old when mom brought me to the States, so America is the only home I know and it’s home to my own children. I still believe I can offer my children a better life in this country, just as my parents did so many years ago. It’s important to me to provide a good role model for my kids. I want them to believe in themselves and to realize the value of hard work and setting goals.

I’m saving for community college as I work as an assistant manager at a gas station. I also earn what money I can as an Herbal Life representative. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and healthy living and I’m interested in massage therapy, possibly as a referral source for a local chiropractor.

Life has always been hard but my family is too important to give up. Two of my children are in school and I want them to know the importance of an education. Their father left me and returned to Mexico, but my toddler’s dad provides a father figure to all three. He helps me make ends meet though there is never really enough to feel secure, let alone save for college.

When I qualified for DACA, I was greatly relieved. Living with the fear of deportation with three small children weighed heavily on my mind. I took advantage of DACA to get a work permit so I can get better jobs and earn a better living.

The most important thing in the world to me is family so I work for my children and I help in my community, even without being asked. My community is my extended family and I believe we must look out for each other. It’s how I stay connected as an Undocumented American. For now, it’s enough that my children are citizens, but I want to see recognition of my right to belong, the right of all 11 million of us.