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Sergio A.


I came to the States as a three-month-old baby so this country is the only home I’ve ever known. I currently live with my parents as I continue my education. I have four brothers, three of them were born in the U.S., but I’m the first to go to college in my family.

My dream is to become a firefighter and I’m in my second year of studying fire technology at Moreno Valley College. I applied for DACA in 2014 but haven’t received notice of deferred action. This means more uncertainty. I must track down my application and get this reprieve so I can finish school and start my firefighter training, as well as certification courses for EMT. Since I graduated from high school in California, I’m eligible for AB 540 so I qualify for in-state tuition and some other financial aid but I’m working my way through school. I keep my focus on my goals but I live in constant fear of being deported.

I think my life experience, my education and my bilingual skills will make me a good firefighter. I know I must work hard to be successful. I’ve chosen a career where I can really help people – saving lives and protecting property — especially here in California where fire is a constant threat. I am earning my citizenship every day and all I want is an opportunity to get my education and to give back to my community as a firefighter.