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Alma G.

Alma G, 28, Petaluma, CA, Born in Mexico City

almaFamily is everything to me so I’m fortunate in being surrounded by my parents, siblings, grandmother and uncles. Having such a close family has made me really appreciate my own family, now that I have a seven-year-old son, Jonatan. What worries me is that my parents are not protected from deportation as I am under DACA. They would qualify for DAPA if the Supreme Court rules in favor of President Obama’s executive order. Until such time, there is always the concern that their future may be jeopardized.

I lived with this uncertainty myself for almost two decades until I applied for DACA, which gave me a tremendous sense of security and allowed me to have a future – finding better employment and completing my education.

I’m working and going back to school at Santa Rosa Junior College. My goal is a degree in business administration and I’m getting on-the-job training from my boss who is a financial advisor. He is mentoring me and paying for educational seminars to help me advance in my field.

I appreciate the sacrifices my parents made to bring me to the U.S. 22 years ago when I was just a child. They have worked hard all their lives for their children and I want to make them proud. My grandfather attained residency before he died and the family was able to bury him here. He is the much admired family patriarch who blazed the trail for us.

I believe I have a real future with a child to raise and much to accomplish. I have already overcome a lot with the support of my family.  I give back to my community as a notary. I make it my mission to share what I know to help others and to advocate for living life with a purpose undeterred by fear. I’m grateful for the opportunities the U.S. provides, but I have made my own way and continue to earn my citizenship every day.