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Fixing our democracy is key to immigration reform

The first step is for the Supreme Court to make things right for these young would-be citizens. But the court can only provide a temporary remedy. The second step is for Congress to pass a permanent solution and provide DACA recipients and their families a pathway to citizenship. Reforming our democracy is the long-term solution we need to ensure that everyone is represented in government and can play a role shaping our great country. Continue reading


Opinion: Trump’s latest anti-immigrant move: Making it far more costly to apply for citizenship

Those who have attended a naturalization ceremony are invariably struck by a profound realization: Becoming American is not about race or religion but about agreeing to a set of principles and values embedded in our history and our Constitution. Making it harder to become part of the American family may be politically convenient but it runs straight against those values. And if California is any example, it will inevitably backfire. Continue reading